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There was something in my bones that told me to love you.

Letters to the next (I hope you try)

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I know that I’m hard to love. Some days I’m all smiles and affection and then other days there’s nothing I want more than to be quiet and lie in bed.

Sometimes I get angry about stupid things and won’t want to talk to you. Other days I’ll think that you’re the most perfect person in the world.

Please don’t give up on me. I know it’s not easy but I’ll always come back to you.

If you support gay marriage reblog this. If you’re on the homophobic side, keep scrolling.







As a bisexual, it sickens me that some people WILL keep scrolling.

As the straight daughter of a gay man, it sickens me that some people will keep scrolling. 

As a straight girl with a basic understanding of equality and love, it also sickens me that people will keep scrolling.

As a straight Christian woman, I pray that people will not scroll past this. Love, not judge.

I’m re-reblogging for that last one.

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ladies, watch this video its only like 3 minutes long but i feel like a changed person. 

omg yaaaaaas

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