lifes a bitch

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She’s not cold hearted, she’s just tired of getting fucked over.




Have you ever been this worried?

He fucking paws at the water and pulls him toward the edge and fucking jumps in to save him! I love dogs so much. We don’t deserve them.


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Breasts play a big role here as men have become accustomed to getting aroused to large, silicone-enhanced ones, and their girlfriends’ seem small and uninviting by comparison. Pubic hair has become a big turnoff, especially today when many young women in the real world are removing it, so a woman who has “ungroomed” hair is less desirable. Josh told me how over the years the type of woman’s body he likes has come to resemble porn performers in that he likes them “shaved, oiled, and well-toned.” I asked him how he would feel if his girlfriend didn’t match up, to which he replied, “I would think that she didn’t take care of herself… that she needed to make herself look good, not just for me, but for herself also.” Also disappointing is that these women do not behave like the women in porn - they are not begging for rough sex, nor do they respond orgasmically to every touch. Many of these men don’t want to think of their girlfriends in the same way they think of porn women, but they find it increasingly difficult to separate the two.